January 12, 2020

“Postreintroducing Jeremy, the chastenot coulter, the flowing taal1 that brooks no brooking runs on to say how, as it was mutualiter foretold of him by a timekiller to his spacemaker, velos ambos and arubyat knychts, with their tales within wheels and stucks between spokes, on the hike from Elmstree to Stene and back, how, running awage with the use of reason (sics) and ramming amok at the brake of his voice (secs), his lasterhalft was set for getting the besterwhole of his yougendtougend, for control number thrice was operating the subliminal of his invaded personality.”

— James Joyce, Finnegan’s Wake


Without regard for temporality, I:

• am an MIT graduate, focused on the intersection of digital media, comparative media studies, and computer science;

• spent time working on the One Laptop Per Child project;

• worked with one of the cofounders of the MIT Media Lab and consorted from time to time with other figures at MIT;

• am originally from Texas and am Mexican American;

• have lived in various parts of California for the past decade;

• am generally skeptical about humanity’s ability to effectively and, equivalently, to fairly self govern;

• am interested in hard problems, namely in the discovery of adventitious opportunities that may arise from their analyses and formalizations/generalizations;

• relatedly, have a particular interest in the fundaments of what it means to be human/alive/conscious/of materialized manifestation; and

• like to write and to write music.

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog: to, on occasion, selectively share thoughts that I usually (but not always) think are worth sharing.

[1] The taal referenced is actually located in an island within a lake, that is on an island within a lake, that is on an island within the ocean (cf: 🐢🐢🐢).